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From The Tastes and Treats of Grandma’s Kitchen!

Churned out of rich golden fibered wheat grains; ripened in some of the hot sub-tropical sunny areas of India; processed through various mechanical as well as manual systems to produce sooji. Also known as rava in most southern parts of India, sooji is rich in proteins and carbohydrates.

Call it a festive edible or a daily healthy breakfast material, sooji is used in different dishes on different occasions in different parts of India. From Halwa, golguppa, samosas, cakes, to upma from the southern region of India, the list goes long to name the dishes made out of sooji alone or with a mix of it.

So, to keep-up the taste and your experimental dishes with sooji on high spirit, at Grip, we ensure that you get the best sooji at your home. We ensure the quality check happens at every stage without losing its real taste and nutrient values in the process. It is long dried to ensure apt texture, capitulate and serve longer shelf life.

The sooji at Grip promises you luscious dishes are made right in your kitchen. After all, you put all your heart in making them for your loved ones.